We love Trial Smiles! It is exciting for us to see how a few changes to the teeth and someone’s entire face can be transformed. Longer teeth, aligned teeth, whiter teeth, and wider teeth are just a few of the adjustment that leave people looking younger, happier, and even stunned.

There are two ways to reveal the Trial Smile.

  • The first is in the office during the regular work day. This appointment lasts about 30 minutes and you leave with a new smile searching for people to notice the difference.
  • The second is at a Trial Smile Party. These are held in group settings in the evening after regular business hours. This is a great way for people to bring someone with them and reveal their smile to their loved one or friend. Plus, there’s food, prizes, and night-only specials that are fun to receive. Many times complete strangers share stories with each other and compliment each other over the final results.

Who knew dentistry could be so fun?!

If you would like to attend a party yourself or know of someone else, visit www.trialsmiles.net for more information and find a date.