Often we can’t put our finger on why someone is beautiful…we just know they are. Is it their figure, eyes, nose, smile, or a combination of it all? Learn the science and art behind plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry and how YOU can improve the way you look and how others perceive you! It’s all about understanding the science of aging and . . . The Art of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry.


Several times a year, these three doctors meet together in one room to discuss the science behind beauty in their specific fields. It is a fabulous chance to hear about the latest technology and ask specific questions you may have. If you would like more information or an invitation to the next event, please visit www.ThreeDoctorsOneGoal.com.


“If you look in the mirror and your reflection does not represent what you feel inside or if people are asking if you are tired, sad, or even angry . . . go to this event! This is the best informational seminar I’ve ever been to…I am SO glad I went.” P.F. – Event Attendee

“My biggest challenge was knowing how or where to find a doctor to get information on what procedures were right for me. A friend invited me to this event and what an eye opening experience it was! The best ‘girls’ night out’ ever! I know exactly what I want, but most importantly…understand why I will benefit from it!” C.K. – Event Attendee

“Are you kidding? Having access to three doctors in one location? THAT’S what I call making good use of your time! lol” D.H. – Event Attendee