I recently returned from the annual conference of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in Boston. This meeting, more than any other, re-ignites my passion for dentistry and gives me a higher vision of what is possible to achieve. The lectures and workshops I attended were first rate, and the knowledge and skills I acquired will immediately raise the level of care I provide. Following are a few pearls from the courses I took:

  • We have been successfully placing porcelain veneers for many years. New products and techniques now allow us to place these amazing smile enhancing restorations, in many cases, with no preparation to the underlying teeth, making them non-invasive and essentially reversible.
  • New products, techniques, and ongoing research provide increasing support for what everyone wants: a new tooth in one day. If you have a front tooth that for some reason needs to be replaced, in many cases the tooth can be removed, a root replacement implant installed, and a temporary tooth attached to the implant, all in the same day.
  • Have you ever noticed a smile that doesn’t quite look right because too much gum tissue shows or the teeth seem to be going downhill on one side? A beautiful smile has just as much to do with where the teeth are located in the smile as it does with the color and shape of the teeth themselves. New treatment options and tools for diagnosis allow us to accurately assess and correct this important aspect of smile design.
  • Implant supported attachments offer a much better solution to loose dentures than adhesive products. If an existing denture is otherwise satisfactory, these procedures can often be performed without the expense of replacing the denture or the embarrassment of going without it.

Please let me know if you have questions or would like to discuss any of these procedures further.

Yours for excellent dental health,
Dr S