A person’s face can make a strong first impression. If having visibly severe dental problems is causing you to lose out on job opportunities or even hindering your personal life, it’s time to give yourself the gift of cosmetic dentistry.

Common Cosmetic Dental Issues

Cosmetic dentistry can drastically enhance your appearance and promote better oral hygiene. Some of the common problems that cosmetic dentistry resolves include the following:

  • Gap between teeth – Sometimes for people with certain facial features, a tooth gap looks great. But if you do not have the facial features of Reese Witherspoon or Madonna, then the tooth gap may give you a not so appealing look. A simple cosmetic dentistry procedure can resolve the tooth gap, giving you well-aligned teeth.
  • Stained teeth – Over time, your teeth may develop yellow stains, which not only look appalling but also may suggest that you have poor hygiene. Stains can be caused if you are a smoker or have asthma that requires a steroid inhaler. Removing yellow stains is very easy for cosmetic dentists and immediately gives a boost to your image. It’s important to maintain proper dental care afterwards to prolong your new bright and white teeth. Whitening or stain removal should be done in accordance with your complexion. It this consideration is not made, too white of a tooth may give you an undesirable appearance.
  • Crooked teeth – Crooked and ill-aligned teeth can create an unattractive appearance. When Dr. Miller realigns your teeth, it can enhance the look of your entire face.
  • Missing tooth – A tooth can become decayed due to poor dental hygiene. You can also lose teeth due to an accident. Whatever the cause be, missing teeth definitely hamper your look. Tooth implants are a very affordable solution and can perfectly match your other teeth. A cosmetic dentist can also help you prevent further tooth decay or potential bone loss.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

When you decide on cosmetic dentistry, it’s vital that you then speak with a cosmetic dentistry specialist to discuss your options.

But choose the dentist well – only a highly experienced dentist will be able to create the best possible symmetry without disturbing adjacent teeth. A good dentist can also help you achieve optimal whitening.

Also take note and ask for tips on how to maintain your new teeth. Cosmetic dentistry procedures generally do not require high maintenance follow-up care. Getting cosmetic dentistry will help you rectify and enhance your look, but be sure to adopt proper oral hygiene and maintain it at all times.

Contact Our Office for an Informative Consultation

If you’re looking for the right cosmetic dentist for you, look no further than Dr. Dan Miller. Dr. Miller is a well-respected and skilled cosmetic dentist with numerous satisfied patients. His years of experience make him the perfect choice for your next dental procedure.

Your next step is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Miller, who will examine your teeth and then recommend the correct course of action. He can answer any questions you may have regarding our procedures. To schedule your consultation, contact our office today.