Cosmetic Dental FAQs

  • How much does a crown cost?

    There is a quick answer and a longer answer. The short answer is $1226. The longer explanation is that crowns are not necessarily the answer for everyone. Dr. Miller and Dr. Stafford want to make sure they understand your goals. Perhaps there is the opportunity to preserve tooth and a less invasive procedure can be performed instead.

    IF a crown is the ideal treatment and meets your goals, we offer same day crowns, which are convenient and durable, and made in our office. They are not shipped overseas or come from other countries. They are made as locally as they can be.

    Also, Dr. Miller and Dr. Stafford are members of the AACD, which brings the aesthetic awareness to each tooth they work on. Their treatment will look great and appropriate for the placement in the mouth and how it fits with the rest of the teeth.

    Valley Dental Works stands by its work, offering a warranty for the crowns we place. We know dental work is an investment in your health and we want to be a contributing member to your overall health!

  • Is this an emergency?

    It sometimes seems that teeth only begin to hurt Friday after 5:00 p.m. But regardless of the time, dental pain is no joke. If you are an established patient at Valley Dental Works, you may call during business hours or Dr. Miller and Dr. Stafford at any other time. There are a few triage questions that help us determine how to move forward with your pain:

    1. Did something happen to the tooth? Trauma? Did it break on something?
    2. What is the history of that tooth? (Was there an existing filling, crown, or root canal?)
    3. When did that happen?
    4. What are the symptoms? Heat or cold sensitivity? Throbbing pain? Constant or intermittent pain? Does it wake you up if sleeping?
    5. When are you available to come to the office?

    The answers to these questions determines the recommendation from Dr. Miller and Dr. Stafford for continued diagnosis and treatment. If you are in pain, we want to remove it. If we need to schedule an emergency appointment, we hope you will be patient with us as we work you into our schedule while we attempt to avoid disrupting those with scheduled treatment. We may also refer you directly to a specialist if the symptoms point that direction.

  • Do you do everything in your office?

    Although we do many things, we do not attempt everything. Dr. Miller and Dr. Stafford like to think of themselves in a quarterback role in that they help direct people to the appropriate care and providers. They work very closely with the specialists so you receive the optimum care you can. Some of the things we will refer to specialists are:

    • root canals on back teeth
    • implant placement
    • the extraction of certain teeth depending on the placement and root condition
    • severe periodontal treatment
    • certain orthodontic treatment

    However there is a lot that we do offer in the office:

    • nitrous and oral sedation
    • same day crowns and onlays
    • periodontal treatment
    • mercury removal
    • veneer design
    • bridge design and placement
    • final restoration of implants
    • full mouth reconstruction
    • cleanings
    • oral cancer screening and exams
    • laser treatment
    • Invisalign orthodontics
    • whitening
  • When do wisdom teeth come out?

    That is a great question! And it varies greatly, even for the same person. Dr. Miller and Dr. Stafford monitor the placement of where the wisdom teeth are in the jaw bone, if they start moving and interfering with surrounding teeth and if they are susceptible to decay. In some cases, they has recommended the top or bottom out while waiting for the opposing. It all depends. In some cases they feel the teeth need to be removed by an oral surgeon and will refer to a specialist.

  • Do you offer orthodontia?

    Yes. We are able to move teeth using Invisalign technology. A series of clear plastic trays are worn for three week periods applying gentle, but constant pressure to the teeth. The amount of time worn ranges from 6 to 24 months, depending in the final goal.

    We also work with several local orthodontists for those seeking a more traditional treatment.

    And we are always happy to discuss alternatives to orthodontic treatment that may achieve your goals as well.

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