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A porcelain veneer is a wafer-thin piece of porcelain used to improve the appearance of teeth. Veneers are natural-looking, strong, and stain resistant. At Valley Dental Works, we offer porcelain veneers for our patients in Portland who are looking for a way to restore the beautiful appearance of their smile. Our team of skilled and highly experienced dentists are here to provide you with the personalized dental care you need.

The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can be used to both enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile as well as provide protection. Porcelain veneers can be used on more or more teeth to improve the appearance of your smile. Veneers can be used to address a wide variety of dental issues. They can correct crowding, discolored, chipped, worn, or spacing between teeth to create a smile makeover. When bonded correctly porcelain– veneers can improve your smile while adding strength and durability to your teeth.

Are Porcelain Veneers Right for Me?

Our team of expert dentists can let you know if porcelain veneers are right for you after a consultation at our dental office in Portland. During your consultation, our team will perform a thorough evaluation of your dental health and go over all the treatment options available to you. If our dentist determines that porcelain veneers are the right choice for you, the next step will be prepping the teeth for the procedure.

What to Expect

The procedure is typically performed over the course of two dental visits around six or so weeks apart. The first visit will involve examing and diagnosing the state of the teeth. We will also go over the color options for your veneers to find the one that best matches your natural tooth color. next, the tooth will be reshaped. A mold of the tooth and surrounding teeth will be made so that a custom-fitted porcelain veneer can be made. Once the veneer has been made, it is put in place using a special adhesive.

Schedule a Visit Today

Contact Valley Dental Works in Portland today to schedule a consultation. Our team can take the time to thoroughly examine your teeth, go over all of the available options, and let you know if porcelain veneers are the right choice for you.

  • Before & After Porcelain Francie
    Francie had a beautiful smile but wanted it whiter with some minor adjustments made. She used our GLO whitening system to get her teeth to the shade of white she liked and then moved forward with the permanent veneers. We love how it doesn’t really dramatically change her smile, just enhances the beauty that was already there.
  • Before & After Porcelain Brandon
    Brandon had worn his teeth down, even as a young man. There was also some discoloration that left him wanting in his smile. He requested veneers to make the changes in his smile. Dr. Stafford made 8 veneers for Brandon. The new teeth were longer, had a new shape to them and followed the curve of his lip. The veneers also masked the discoloration while simultaneously giving him a whiter smile overall. One of the subtle things that makes Brandon’s teeth look so natural is the different opacity in each individual tooth. Sometimes we think of teeth as white. But in actuality, they have many variations of shades. Dr. Stafford works very closely with his lab to make this effect become a reality. In situations like this, Dr. Stafford will recommend the patient wear a nightguard to prevent future grinding of the teeth. A small protection for one’s investment!
  • Before & After Porcelain Kelli
    Kelli is a beautiful woman, no doubt. However, the spaces in her teeth had bothered her from childhood and felt the gaps left her looking a little less mature than she wanted. Veneers were not only an ideal solution, but also a very conservative approach due to the natural spaces. Kelli LOVES her new smile and the confidence that accompanies it.
  • Before & After Porcelain Jill
    Jill, a dental industry teacher, asked Dr. Stafford to repair some of her teeth. Some specific concerns were discoloration, chipping, and wear. Dr. Stafford was able to repair the functionality of the teeth, while making them beautiful at the same time!
  • Before & After Porcelain Jim
    Jim was one of Dr. Stafford’s very first patients! After many years of dental cleanings and appointments Jim asked for a more youthful smile TREATMENT. – And youthful he received! After reaching the color shade he preferred, Dr. Stafford made Jim 4 upper veneers to replace the chipped and worn teeth. The look is unbelievably natural and makes Jim’s smile significantly different. Even after this adjustment, Jim continues to see us on schedule for cleanings! And that makes us smile because we know those will last him!


  • Will my insurance pay for veneers?

    Insurance coverage for veneers is very plan specific. Most patients can expect to pay out of pocket for most cosmetic procedures.

  • How long does it take to get veneers?

    It takes 2 appointments, approximately 1- 4 hours each, depending on the number of veneers being done.

  • How long will my veneers last?

    5-12 years, but we have many patients who have had their veneers for 20+ years.

  • Can my veneers chip?

    Yes, the porcelain material is very similar to natural enamel. If something can chip or break your enamel it can also chip or break a veneer.

  • Do my veneers come with a warranty?

    Yes, all our veneers come with a warranty. Please click here to view our warranty

The experience offered by Valley Dental Works is unlike any other dental experience I have had.

5 5 Star Rating
Written onJuly 1, 2015

I have been seeing Dr. Miller for several years and am so excited that his new office is so close to my house! There are so many stereotypes about the dentist, and Dr. Miller and team blow them all out of the water. The experience offered by Valley Dental Works is unlike any other dental experience I have had. The staff is proactive before the appointment, ensuring you have all the necessary forms to complete prior to arrival – this speeds the checkin process. The physical space is warm and inviting, much like sitting in a friends living room (they even have coffee and water!). The treatment area is very comfortable and breaks the “sterile medical office” wall completely down. The hygiene staff is efficient and makes the entire cleaning process comfortable. Probably the best asset is the proactive approach to care. They ask what you are happy with and what you would like to change. Asking these questions allows the team to customize a plan for you that ensures you leave with not only a happy, but beautiful smile. I highly recommend the entire team at Valley Dental Works. Dr. Miller is fantastic at making the entire dental process a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. In fact, I can’t wait for my next appointment.


by Kelsey Anglin

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