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At Valley Dental Works we want to change the way you think about dentistry. We are committed to making your whole experience with us exceptional and that means addressing dental anxiety. From jokes by comedians to comments by friends, it is common to describe dental experiences negatively. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And we look forward to making your time with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. To this end we offer several types of relaxation and anti-anxiety services.

Final Portraits
Final Portraits

*All images are of actual patients


Nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas, is another way to provide a pleasant experience in the dental chair. It is a medical grade gas that is administered with a mixture of oxygen and has a calming and euphoric effect that melts away anxiety. Our doctors have earned a special endorsement for it on their licenses. Because it is absorbed and cleared through the lungs, the effects can be adjusted for each individual and quickly cleared at the end of your visit. This means that you can drive yourself to and from the office and make other appointments later in the day.


We use oral medications along with nitrous oxide to provide an even greater level of anxiety reduction. Because this combination produces short term amnesia and alters the perception of time, it is also extremely useful for someone who is not particularly phobic, but just wants to get as much treatment done at one time as possible. See our video link to watch one of our patients share his experience. The medication is taken prior to the appointment so that it is working when you get to the office. It also may take a few hours to clear out from your system so you will need to have a driver bring you and pick you up. Our team has taken extra training to qualify to provide this service, Dr. Miller have earned a special endorsement for it on their licenses. You can be assured that your experience with oral conscious sedation will be easy and safe.


For cases of severe anxiety or medical conditions that may be complicated by dental treatment, we offer this level of sedation. It is provided by a licensed anesthetist who brings the anesthesia and support equipment into our office. These professionals have the training and experience to make this type of sedation very safe and effective.

What to Expect

The goal of dental sedation is to provide our patients with the expert dental care they need while ensuring that they are as relaxed and comfortable as possible throughout the process. Our team will ask about any pertinent medical information to ensure the dental sedation option you choose is safe and effective.

The Cost of Dental Sedation

During your consultation with a member of our team of dentists, they will take the time to go over the sedation options we offer as well as the expected cost of your treatment. The cost of your dental sedation will vary based on the type of sedation used, the procedure being performed, and other factors. We do offer financing options.

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Please let us know which of these methods seem like they would be best for you and we will strive to make your next dental visit one you can say positive things about. If you are interested in sedation dentistry and would like to know more about the dental sedation options we offer, please contact Valley Dental Works today to schedule a consultation. Our team of highly skilled dentists are dedicated to providing all of our patients with excellent care.

*All images are of actual patients

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