Have you ever considered changing something about your teeth to improve your smile?

What if you could see what those changes would look in advance without doing anything irreversible, uncomfortable, or expensive? What if you could not only see those changes, but wear them, try them out, show them to your friends, and see how changes in your teeth can affect your smile and your life? Wouldn’t that be fun and exciting? And for you analytical folks who are not so much into fun and excitement, wouldn’t it help you make a better informed decision?

I have good news for all of you. This technology exists today, and at Valley Dental Works we offer it to our clients and their friends. We call it a “Trial Smile.” You may be wondering how we create this magic. It is actually a very simple process.


Our lovely patient has volunteered to show us how she acquired her Trial Smile.

TrialSmile-130 TrialSmile-122

We start with a mold of your teeth. From this mold our cosmetic dental lab makes a plaster model, and then reshapes your teeth with wax to look like your teeth, but only better.


A very accurate silicone matrix is made over the new design and then sent back to Valley Dental Works. At the time of your new smile reveal, a self curing plastic material, in the shade of your choice, is placed in the matrix and them quickly seated over your teeth.


After two minutes the matrix is removed and any excess plastic cleaned up. Then comes the big unveiling. Sometimes, it truly feels like a Hollywood moment!


Watch these clips from people very happy with their new Trial Smile!

Then put yourself in the picture by getting more information at www.trialsmile.net. Or better yet, just call Stafford Smiles at 971-252-4659 and make an appointment today to get your trial smile before the word gets out!