Patient Success Stories

  • Bob

    Over the years Bob had seen his teeth chip, yellow, and wear down. Unsure of the final look, Bob had a Trial Smile placed. The results were immediate and amazing! After wearing them for just a few minutes, he knew what he wanted to do. First he whitened his teeth to match what would be new ones. Then the fun part began and in no time (and no pain) Bob was sporting a new handsome smile. Bring on retirement!!

  • Robin

    A handsome, middle-aged man, Robin came to Valley Dental Works concerned about some chippped teeth. His smile was revealed at a Trial Smile Party and he loved the new look.

  • Francie

    Francie had a beautiful smile but wanted it whiter with some minor adjustments made. She used our GLO whitening system to get her teeth to the shade of white she liked and then moved forward with the permanent veneers. We love how it doesn’t really dramatically change her smile, just enhances the beauty that was already there.

  • Brandon

    Brandon had worn his teeth down, even as a young man. There was also some discoloration that left him wanting in his smile. He requested veneers to make the changes in his smile. Dr. Stafford made 8 veneers for Brandon. The new teeth were longer, had a new shape to them and followed the curve of his lip. The veneers also masked the discoloration while simultaneously giving him a whiter smile overall. One of the subtle things that makes Brandon’s teeth look so natural is the different opacity in each individual tooth. Sometimes we think of teeth as white. But in actuality, they have many variations of shades. Dr. Stafford works very closely with his lab to make this effect become a reality. In situations like this, Dr. Stafford will recommend the patient wear a nightguard to prevent future grinding of the teeth. A small protection for one’s investment!

  • Kelli

    Kelli is a beautiful woman, no doubt. However, the spaces in her teeth had bothered her from childhood and felt the gaps left her looking a little less mature than she wanted. Veneers were not only an ideal solution, but also a very conservative approach due to the natural spaces. Kelli LOVES her new smile and the confidence that accompanies it.

  • Jill

    Jill, a dental industry teacher, asked Dr. Stafford to repair some of her teeth. Some specific concerns were discoloration, chipping, and wear. Dr. Stafford was able to repair the functionality of the teeth, while making them beautiful at the same time!

  • Payton
  • Jim

    Jim was one of Dr. Stafford’s very first patients! After many years of dental cleanings and appointments Jim asked for a more youthful smile TREATMENT. – And youthful he received! After reaching the color shade he preferred, Dr. Stafford made Jim 4 upper veneers to replace the chipped and worn teeth. The look is unbelievably natural and makes Jim’s smile significantly different. Even after this adjustment, Jim continues to see us on schedule for cleanings! And that makes us smile because we know those will last him!

  • Jeff

    Jeff came to Valley Dental Works looking for some changes to his smile. After hearing and discussing Jeff’s goals, Dr. Stafford was able to whiten AND adjust teeth placement with 4 veneers. The final result is so natural looking it is hard to imagine Jeff looking any other way!

  • Naomi

    Naomi is a gorgeous woman who always dreamed of having her smile changed. After many years she decided to just do it! A few veneers filled in the spaces and Dr. Stafford was able to design beautifully shaped teeth to make it look just as she had always dreamed. It is never too late to smile the way you want.

  • Margie

    Margie is a beautiful woman dedicated to her husband, daughter, grandchildren, and poodle. For years, she’d put their needs before her own. She’d lived with cracked and chipped teeth for years, never wanting to do a serious repair, just enough to hold it at bay. And that’s what she wanted when she came to see Dr. Stafford. She had two fabulous retirement insurance plans and wanted to utilize both to the fullest to reduce, as much as possible, her out of pocket costs. After a consultation, it was clear that Valley Dental Works could absolutely do that for her, but she also needed to know that it would not be a permanent solution and she would continue to need the teeth repaired. As an alternative, and just in case she ever wanted a permanent solution, Margie’s curiosity was peaked about the Trial Smile and she allowed us to start the painless process. Two weeks later Dr. Stafford placed the Trial Smile for Margie and immediately she looked 10 years younger! It was stunning, especially when pictures were compared side to side. Margie’s daughter even called us sharing the exact sentiment. Once Margie saw the difference, she was excited and scheduled to have 6 veneers placed. The process was flawless and her new smile is gorgeous! Still the same Margie her family loves, just with an improved smile!

  • Janice

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