Waiting endlessly for your turn at the dentist’s office and scheduling multiple visits to repair damaged teeth. More waiting to get the crown fitted. If this is not your idea of a fun day, it’s time to think CEREC.

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic, or CEREC, have reduced the pain and waiting time associated with tooth repair. It takes just one visit to get the solution required for restoring your tooth to its original glory!

How Does CEREC Work?

The CEREC device has three components. First, there is a high quality camera to photograph the damaged tooth in three dimensions; the images will be projected onto a screen.

The second part of the CEREC device is the CAD software, which lets the doctor examine the tooth to be repaired in great detail, from all angles possible.

The third aspect of CEREC is the milling device, which manufactures the custom ceramic restoration based on the dimensions entered by the CAD software. A combination of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-assisted milling (CAM) is used to create precise custom ceramic restoration.

What to Expect During CEREC Restoration

The dentist first cleans and prepares the tooth that needs repair, which may involve widening the opening of the tooth so that it can be photographed clearly. After the image is projected on the screen with the CEREC camera, the dentist views the tooth from all dimensions and decides on the specifications.

The specifications are then transmitted to the milling device, which has a ceramic block placed in it. The restoration is then made according to the given dimensions.

The restoration is complete within 15 minutes. It is left to dry completely before being fixed onto the tooth with dental cement.

Advantages of CEREC 1-Day Crowns

CEREC 1-Day crowns have many advantages over the traditional crowns and restorations:

  • The CEREC crown is made of high quality material. Milled ceramic restorations are stronger and more durable than the usual lab methods of layering and pressing to create the restoration.
  • One visit is all that is required to complete all the repair work that is needed to fix the damaged tooth. With traditional methods of repair, the first visit is where the dentist takes a look at the tooth and measures it out, and another visit is required to fit the crown; this can take many days of waiting time.
  • The CEREC crown fits better than the ones made in laboratories because of the precision of the computer-aided design software.
  • Impressions of the tooth are digitally taken instead of the messy and sticky substance used in traditional methods.
  • There is minimal discomfort, since fewer injections are needed.
  • CEREC eliminates the need for temporary restorations, which reduces the number of visits and the discomfort involved in multiple restorations.
  • The CEREC crown closely matches the original tooth color and is biocompatible.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive and takes very little time, making it quite convenient for patients.

Take the First Step Today!

Dr. Dan Miller, a respected cosmetic dentist, will explain more about CEREC 1-Day crowns during an appointment at our office. To make an appointment, contact us today. With the help of Dr. Miller, your teeth will be looking beautiful again in no time!