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Naomi’s Story

Published on August 19, 2014 by

HISTORY Naomi is a gorgeous woman who always dreamed of having her smile changed. After many years she decided to just do it! TREATMENT A few veneers filled in the spaces and Dr. Stafford was able to design beautifully shaped teeth to make it look just as she had always dreamed. It is never too […]

Jim’s Story

Published on August 19, 2014 by

HISTORY Jim was one of Dr. Stafford’s very first patients! After many years of dental cleanings and appointments Jim asked for a more youthful smile. TREATMENT And youthful he received! After reaching the color shade he preferred, Dr. Stafford made Jim 4 upper veneers to replace the chipped and worn teeth. The look is unbelievably […]

My Special Valentine’s Day

Published on February 26, 2014 by

WARNING PG-13! There are some very graphic images in this blog. I spent Friday morning in the office of an excellent local periodontist, Dr. Munib Derhalli, ( We have worked together for many years and often meet to discuss how to get the best outcomes for our mutual patients. But this meeting was different—I was […]

AACD –Why?

Published on November 1, 2013 by

Choosing a the right dentist is a very personal decision. Many people tell us “like-ability” is a priority. Experience, dedication and skill are also close contenders. However, it takes someone with an artistic eye to understand how a fabulous smile is really the combination of teeth, tissue, facial features, and personality all complimenting each other. […]

Fantastic Cosmetic Dentistry Seminar @ Portland City Grill

Published on October 14, 2013 by

High in the evening sky at Portland City Grill the packed house buzzed with conversation and questions. Many men and women met last week to learn about the art behind plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry. Often we can’t put our finger on why someone is beautiful…we just know that they are. Is it their figure, […]

The Art of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry

Published on October 4, 2013 by

This summer Dr. Stafford spoke at an event about the SCIENCE and ART behind beauty. Sometimes it is hard to put a finger on what it is exactly that makes someone so beautiful. Is it their figure, eyes, smile, nose or a combination of many things? Dr. James Chan explains how facial plastic surgery isn’t […]

How to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist!

Published on October 3, 2013 by

If you are looking for the best physician to provide a cosmetic procedure for you, you can look for a board certified specialist in plastic surgery. It is different for dentistry as currently there is no board certified specialty for cosmetic dentistry. Consequently any dentist can advertise that he or she is a cosmetic dentist, […]

Update on Dr Stafford’s Jack-O-Lantern smile

Published on December 1, 2011 by

There are three common reasons why people lose their teeth. 1) The tooth is ruined by decay. 2) The bone support is destroyed by periodontal disease. 3) The tooth is knocked out by some trauma. I lost my tooth due to another, less common, cause. I was having intermittent mild pain in the tooth so […]

What’s the Big Deal about Baby Teeth?

Published on July 18, 2011 by

When facing the decision to invest in restoring decayed primary teeth, I am often asked the legitimate question by parents. “Why should we put money into the baby teeth? Aren’t they just going to come out anyway?” Primary teeth are smaller and less durable than permanent teeth which have much thicker enamel and larger roots. […]

Dental Insurance 201

Published on July 16, 2011 by

In my last column I explained the difference between medical “insurance” and dental “benefits.” Understanding this is critical. The next step is to find out just exactly what benefits you have. It is important for you, the policy holder, to obtain this information from the insurance carrier or the human resources department at your work. […]

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