This summer Dr. Stafford spoke at an event about the SCIENCE and ART behind beauty.

Sometimes it is hard to put a finger on what it is exactly that makes someone so beautiful. Is it their figure, eyes, smile, nose or a combination of many things?

Dr. James Chan explains how facial plastic surgery isn’t about drastic changes. With technologies today, there are various ways to make subtle changes. Many of them are non-evasive. Gone are the days of long recovery and stretched faces.

Dr. Michael Workman, works on the other parts of the body. His vast experience is impressive in the number performed and the range of options from Mommy-makeovers, to cancer reconstructions, and procedures men seek

Dr. Stafford showed many examples of smiles. He shares how their are general “rules” that define fabulous smiles. The shape of teeth, how they fit with the lips and the color of pink in the mouth are just a few. But even with the “ideal” there are plenty of famous smiles that break the rules. Ultimately, his joy is finding what people want for themselves and how they define their dreams.

The three doctors meet again on Thursday, October 10, 2013 to do it again. All are welcome to come and learn. Come early to enter for prizes!

Eventbrite - The Art of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry