Your smile is one of the most attractive features on your face. A perfect smile requires a perfect set of gleaming-white teeth. Unfortunately, over time, our teeth get stained due to our lifestyle. Drinks like tea and habits like smoking can leave permanent stains on our teeth. These stains can make our teeth look unhealthy and affect our smile.

Most individuals visit the dentist’s office every once in a while to get their teeth cleaned and whitened. We offer one of the latest advances in teeth whitening, GLO in-office professional whitening.

What Is GLO Whitening?

GLO stands for Guided Light Optics. It is a whitening treatment that is said to give more effective and longer-lasting results than traditional teeth-whitening treatments. GLO whitening treatments are stress-free and involve very little chair time. Patients do not experience any sensitivity, and in most cases, they walk away with satisfactory results.

How Is GLO Whitening Performed?

The procedure involves the use of a fitted mouthpiece. A system delivers neon blue light and heat to the mouth tray, which activates a whitening gel that has been applied to the teeth. The light and the warmth block oxygen from escaping the surface of the teeth, quickening the whitening process. The whitening gel prevents tooth sensitivity as well.

GLO whitening has become a very popular procedure and is even being used as a global tooth-whitening system by cosmetic brands such as Sephora.

Who Can Use GLO Whitening Treatments?

GLO treatments are non-invasive procedures, and because of this, they are quite safe for people of all ages (although patients above 18 are preferred as ideal candidates for the procedure). It does not have side effects and can leave your teeth up to five shades whiter.

Many patients worry that their sensitive gums can give them a tough time during GLO treatments, but this is not true. GLO treatments are virtually painless, and any discomfort if at all felt will be due to the retractor used to keep the mouth open.

The GLO Home Whitening Kit

In addition to the in-office treatment, GLO also has a home whitening kit. It works the same way as the in-office procedure, with the added advantage of being able to do it at home. Dentists often recommend that patients purchase a home whitening kit after an in-office session.

How Are the Results of the GLO In-Office Treatment?

Most patients can see a notable difference in color immediately after the procedure. It further improves a couple of hours later.

The treatment is perfect for when you have events to attend. The results are long lasting depending on the kind of lifestyle you lead. Continuous exposure to food and beverages that stain your teeth can compromise the results. For better results, stay away from substances that can easily stain your teeth.

How Do I Set Up an Appointment?

Ready for the beautiful white teeth you’ve been dreaming of? If so, contact our office and set up an appointment for GLO in-office whitening! Dr. Dan Miller is a skilled cosmetic dentist who will be happy to answer your questions.