Does your child have crooked or misaligned teeth? If so, it can impact more than their appearance. Misaligned or crowded teeth can lead to serious oral-health complications.

As a parent, you are the guardian of your child’s oral health. It’s important to ensure the problems your child is facing today don’t become a nightmare tomorrow. To do this, you’ll need to bring your child to a cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic Dentists: Who They Are

Cosmetic dentists can perform cosmetic dental procedures on children facing several types of dental issues, such as tooth discoloration, malocclusion (misaligned teeth), and crowded teeth. Our experts are qualified to meet the unique dental-care needs of children.

Cosmetic Dentists: What They Do

Prevention: Cosmetic dentists take a number of steps to ensure that your child’s cosmetic dental problems do not snowball into major issues. To ensure ongoing care, experts also provide home care tips.

Diagnosis: Thanks to advancements in dental science, cosmetic dentists have a number of tools available to diagnose problems such as malocclusion and jaw irregularities. To diagnose cosmetic dental issues, experts perform a number of examinations and may look at their patient’s X-ray report. Many experts use advanced computer modelling software that predicts future problems based on their study of the child’s present oral health.

Treatment: Once the root cause of the problem is diagnosed, the expert determines the best treatment option for their patient according to the dental issues they are facing. If, for instance, the child has discolored teeth, the expert may recommend that they opt for microabrasion. Similarly, bonding is recommended for children with fractured teeth.

Education: An expert cosmetic dentist believes that prevention is better than cure and knows that education holds the key to avoiding common dental issues. Experts give parents tips on topics ranging from toothpaste selection to maintaining the natural color of their child’s teeth.

Consequences of Ignoring Cosmetic Dental Problems in Kids

Apart from impacting your child’s appearance, cosmetic dental problems can result in a number of oral-health issues. In many cases, ignoring childhood dental issues can result in an improper bite. In some situations, cosmetic dental problems can negatively impact the growth of permanent teeth.

Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures for Kids

Microabrasion: Trauma, poor oral health, and overuse of certain medications can result in tooth discoloration. While using whitening kinds of toothpaste can be a short-term solution, many experts recommend opting for microabrasion for sustainable results. Dentists performing this process use an abrasive yet mild acid to remove microscopic enamel particles.

Bonding: Bonding involves the use of dental adhesive materials such as veneers, crowns, and sealants to restore a fractured tooth. Experts performing the process apply bonding materials to the damaged tooth. These materials are hardened with the help of chemicals.

Braces: Kids with crowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth are often asked to wear braces. Braces apply constant pressure on misaligned teeth, forcing them to move into their correct positions.

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