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Party Time-The Trial Smile Way

We love Trial Smiles! It is exciting for us to see how a few changes to the teeth and someone’s entire face can be transformed. Longer teeth, aligned teeth, whiter teeth, and wider teeth are just a few of the adjustment that leave people looking younger, happier, and even stunned. There are two ways to […]

Seeing is Believing-What is a Trial Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most exciting and rewarding services we offer at Valley Dental Works. Each instance is motivated by something: a high school basketball player tripping on the court and chipping (ok, breaking) his front tooth in half, replacing teeth that never grew in and were actually missing, or brightening a smile […]

Portland Bridal Show on January 17-18

Join us at this year’s Portland Bridal Show on January 17-18! We have $1 off coupons if anyone is interested in saving a little money! Please come into our office to pick up the coupon or use the code: PDXBRIDE when purchasing the tickets from The $1 off is for advance tickets only. Please […]

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